As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have instituted several measures in our office, which are intended to protect the health of our patients, their families, and our staff. Among the changes which we have implemented, at least for the immediate future, are:
      • All patients and those who accompany them will be required to wear a face mask while in our office. You are encouraged to bring your own face mask from home.
      • Patients can have a maximum of one other individual accompany them for their appointment. Those who are accompanying a patient to their vision therapy session are encouraged to wait outside the office and to come in at the end of the session to coordinate the home vision therapy assignments with the patient’s vision therapist.
      • In order to control traffic flow, the front door will remain locked. A staff member will admit you to the office. If another patient is being checked in when you arrive, please be mindful of social distancing while waiting to come into the office.
      • Patients will have their temperature checked upon arrival to our office.
      • Individuals who accompany patients to their appointment will have their temperature checked upon arrival at our office.
      • Patients (or their guardian if they are under age 18) along with anyone who accompanies them to the appointment will be asked to certify that they are not sick, and have not been knowingly exposed to any individual who has contracted the COVID-19 Virus.
      • All individuals entering the office will be required to wash their hands thoroughly.
      • As has always been our policy, if the patient (or any other family members) has been sick, we ask that you stay home! Please call and re-schedule the appointment for the health and safety of all.
Thank you for your continued patience and cooperation.