Treatment Areas Overview

Good vision is much more than just having 20/20 eyesight!  Just because a person can identify letters from twenty feet away, does not mean they can control their eyes with the accuracy, agility and efficiency required for most everyday challenges.  The majority of our work, both in school and in the workplace, requires visual performance at near (15 to 17 inches).  Reading and computer work are but two examples of extended near stress that most find themselves engaged in daily.

At Indiana Vision Development Center, PC,  Dr. Myers is specially trained to assess the brain-based abilities to control the visual system, looking for deficiencies and dysfunctions in eye-teaming, eye-focusing and eye movement.  We also evaluate the patient’s visual-perceptual and information processing abilities. Finally, we discuss the patient’s history, struggles and goals for improvements before prescribing therapy.

Following a careful diagnostic analysis, Dr. Myers designs an individualized treatment plan for each patient.

Developmental vision and rehabilitation is based on the principles of neuroscience and neuroplasticity.  Each patient works on a one-to-one basis with Dr. Myers and our therapists.  In each therapy session, the patient is guided through a series of visually directed challenges using sophisticated technology and techniques.  As they progress, the patient begins to learn how to control their eyes with increased efficiency, accuracy, and agility.  Patients also begin to absorb information faster and with greater understanding.  As a result, our patients emerge from therapy with greater confidence and the ability to perform better in school, the workplace and on the athletic field as well.