Vision and Reading

LearningProblems500Vision is the prerequisite for reading.  Poor vision skills lead to poor reading skills.  When reading is introduced to a child who has not developed good eye movement, focusing, binocular and visual information processing   and / or visual integrative abilities, the child will struggle with, and generally want to avoid, reading.

At Indiana Vision Development Center, PC, we develop the visual efficiency which is needed for the reading process.  Once these under-developed an / or un-developed visual processes have been established, reading and learning becomes much easier.

Please evaluate your child (or yourself) with our weighted symptom checklist to determine if a vision problem may be causing them (or you) to struggle with reading.

Vision & Reading Treatment
Our Vision & Reading Treatment includes:

  • Visual Processing development
  • Oculomotor therapy
  • Accommodation “focusing” development
  • Binocular vision therapy
  • Visual imagery therapy
  • Dynamic visual based reading program