IndianaVisionOffice500Comprehensive Vision Examination and Analysis

Prior to beginning vision therapy, a patient is seen for one or more diagnostic evaluations by Dr. Myers.  This comprehensive assessment determines the medical diagnosis and identifies areas of strength and weakness in binocular vision, accommodation (focusing of the eye), eye movements and visual perceptual skills.

Patient Consultation

After the testing is complete, Dr. Myers will prepare a comprehensive analysis of the patient’s visual system and will then review and interpret the test results to determine if there is a need for vision therapy.  If vision therapy is indicated, Dr. Myers will prepare an individualized treatment plan that will be discussed with the patient at the consultation appointment.  The treatment plan, goals and expectations will all be outlined with the patient prior to beginning therapy.

Prescribed Treatment

Vision therapy sessions at our office will vary depending on the individual needs and goals of the patient.  A typical treatment plan requires once weekly visits to our office—each lasting about sixty minutes–with tasks to work on at home, between office visits.  The number of weeks prescribed will vary depending on the specific combination of visual problems.  When the patient follows the prescribed treatment plan, our success rate exceeds clinical standards!