“Aly struggled her entire life with the vision problem and thank goodness we found Dr. Myers and his team! Over the last 10 months we have seen a vast improvement in her vision/daily living. Coordination, balance, moods, focusing has improved greatly. Her ability to excel in sports has been tremendous. We believe this is what makes her the happiest of all! With her struggles her whole life, Aly has been an excellent student and we can see that her work is done more efficiently and quicker. All of these vast improvements didn’t come easily for Aly, however, she was dedicated at putting all of her effort into becoming better. We are so proud of her! Thanks again for all for the support you have given her over this past year! It has been a long road, but so worth the end product.”

-Rich and Alexis E.

“I have seen big improvements in Dane. He is more willing to try new things. He enjoys reading more. His writing is so much better. Before therapy, his words all ran together with big and little letters. It was not readable. he has always been pretty good in sports, but he improved quite a bit in baseball. Dane had one eye that didn’t see 20/20 even through his glasses. With therapy it has allowed that eye to turn on. We patched his weak eye for years with little success.”

-Joni F

“When I was in sixth grade I played soccer. When we were at practice one day, I got hit in the head and woke up on the ground. I suffered a concussion. That is when the doctor noticed my eye problem. My right eye would not follow my left eye. I suffered from headaches on a regular basis and it was affecting my personal and social life.

Once I started vision therapy, it helped me immensely. Before, I was a struggling ‘B’ student in math, but now I am a straight ‘A’ student and now enjoy math. I also was able to go off my migraine/headache medicine completely! Other improvements I see are less motion sickness, better reading and handwriting, better balance, and overall better self-confidence…now I will be ready for high school and college!”

-Taylor G.

“After suffering a sports-related concussion, we started to notice Taylor struggling more academically, as well as suffering from headaches on a regular basis. She has been doing vision therapy for nine months and I have seen a huge change! She is getting straight ‘A’s as she prepares for high school. She also gets fewer headaches…Thank you to Dr. Myers and his team of therapists who worked so hard to help my daughter!”

-Kelly G.

“After 20 weeks of vision therapy, I do see improvement with my vision goals. I am able to get more done with less visual effort – my eyes don’t seem to need to work as hard when doing visual work. My handwriting has also improved – I would often write with a combination of printing and cursive when needing to take notes or get information down on paper quickly – that no longer seems to be the case.

Another improvement I have noticed is my concentration. I am better able to focus and concentrate on given tasks, whereas before this was often a challenge. My speed of performance has also somewhat improved.

Finally, one of the most significant improvements I’ve noticed is with parallel processing and/or improvement with feelings of being overwhelmed when multiple tasks , responsibilities, and/or events are happening at once.

I believe vision therapy has given me the tools (with all the visual exercises) to help with my vision concerns, and will continue using them to further strengthen and improve my concentration, reading comprehension, parallel processing without being overwhelmed, and speed of performance.

…Vision therapy works!”

-Nancy E.

“I was having vision issues due to retinopathy. The vision in my right eye was weaker, so it began to drift inward and cause double vision. Due to the issues, I had some difficulty driving and maintaining vision control at long distances. Over the course of vision therapy, I learned exercises to help strengthen my eyes and get better control of my eyes. I also received the proper prescription in my glasses through the exams Dr. Myers conducted. Overall, everyone at the Indiana Vision Development Center is very helpful. Pam, my vision therapist, did a great job teaching and helping me through all exercises and the program. At the completion of the program, I have more control of my eyes, stronger eyes, and no more double vision! Vision therapy was a great experience and Dr. Myers and his team were a huge help!”

-Jer H.

“My son Parker was having headaches and difficulty reading. His ability to concentrate on tasks had decreased after he had a concussion. We tried vision therapy because of what we read about it on the website. He has shown improvement in his reading and was able to attend college. He is headache-free. His attitude and ability to balance life’s demands have improved. He was faithful to attend his therapy sessions and do his homework associated with therapy. This improved his maturity level and personal feelings of self-worth. Overall, he has more confidence and has taken good risks and accomplished a great deal at work, sports, and school.”

– Annette K.

“Vision Therapy changed my son’s life. We have seen dramatic results this past year. My son struggled with periphery and fine and gross motor skills, which we didn’t realize were tied into his vision and primitive reflexes. His periphery is expanded; he is no longer seeing the world through straws, and consequently, he doesn’t fall down like he used to, and he can catch a ball better. His confidence in sports has skyrocketed, and he initiates playing sports now. He is less frustrated by tedious tasks and will take the time to complete them.

One of the biggest changes for him is his handwriting. His handwriting was nearly unreadable as a second grader. Now it is easier for him to write (and see the lines and edges of the paper), and his penmanship is legible. I’ve included pictures of before and after. One of the greatest things about vision therapy for me as a parent is that I felt listened to, understood, and validated by the staff at Indiana Vision Development Center. As a special education teacher, I know that some of the behaviors my son was exhibiting at school weren’t what others were saying they were (ADHD, immaturity, etc.) It has been comforting to find and organization who saw my son’s outward signs of primitive reflexes for what they are and have given him the exercises to overcome them. He is much more focused now and attentive in school. Thank you, Dr. Myers and the staff at IVDC, for the weekly encouragement we felt from you and for the way you changed my son’s life.”

-Jacqui D.

Vision therapy has helped me a lot. Before VT, sports were hard. Now I can catch and throw better. Playing sports is easier now. I used to get headaches but now they don’t come at all. VT has helped my handwriting. It used to be sloppy and hard to do, but now it is easier. Sarah helped me increase my vision. She is very nice. I am thankful that VT is helping my eyes.

-Joe D.

“Dalton has greatly improved in school and in sports after completing Vision Therapy. He enjoys reading and sometimes will pick up a book without being told to. He has better grades in school. We continue to see improvements with reading comprehension and math. He will be playing baseball this spring and has already increased his accuracy  with batting and catching.”

-Theresa B.

“Ever since I have been doing VT my grades have improved and my comprehension is much better. My left eye is more controlled and it makes my sports better. Headaches are not coming anymore!! I actually like reading now and I read whole books…and that is my success story.”

-Dalton B.

“I feel that vision therapy has helped me in many ways. Here are some examples on how I have improved. First, I have noticed that in reading I’ve skipped over a few words. Now I noticed what I’ve skipped. I can also read a bit more smoothly as well. Another way it has helped me is in school, I can take notes easier because I can look at the board then back at my notes. I can also control my eye movements when they shift or focus. I can also do better in sports, too. I can hit targets better in karate. Finally, I can improve my confidence because I can work hard and not give up. I feel proud of myself for improving in lots of stuff I couldn’t do before.

-Max H.

“I feel like my handwriting has gotten a lot better since I started vision therapy. I can also read faster and remember what I am reading better. My grades have improved in this time, and I haven’t had a lot of headaches. I used to mix up writing down numbers (like my calculator would say 57298 and I would write down 52798), but I don’t do that anymore. I feel like I’m putting more effort into my schoolwork, and I spend more time on it. I read more often, and I have less eye strain. I feel like I remember more things, and I rarely leave things in my locker anymore. When I first started Vision Therapy, deep down inside I felt that it wouldn’t help me at all, but now that I’ve done it, I can see how it has changed me. I realize how I have gotten better at a lot of things in these past months.”

-Avery N.

“Since Jacqueline started vision therapy last year, her reading comprehension has greatly improved. She is able to focus and concentrate on school work for longer periods of time. She also does not complain of headaches all the time anymore. Jacqueline is also less fidgety when sitting. Now she rarely mixes up numbers or letters when doing work.

It has not been an easy year for us and it took a lot of time and effort, but it was very much worth it! School goes so much more smoothly and she is retaining what she is learning so much better. I cannot even imagine what we would have done without vision therapy for Jacqueline!”

-J.K. S.

“Since I started vision therapy I enjoy reading more. The words don’t move on the page any more! My balance is also better. My eyes don’t get as tired now when I read or do school work. Before therapy I couldn’t even cross my eyes!”

-Jacqueline S.

“When my daughter, Jacqueline, started vision therapy, I began to learn a lot about vision that I previously did not know. I realized that I was having problems of my own beyond my very nearsightedness.

Since starting my own vision therapy journey, I have had my headaches almost completely disappear, my driving has improved, and I am able to enjoy reading for longer periods of time again without falling asleep. With my therapy as well we have been able to lower my contact prescription quite significantly, which is something I thought could never happen!

As someone who honestly felt like I was going blind, vision therapy has helped me understand my vision better and how much vision can affect your daily life. I’m so thankful we found vision therapy; it has helped my daughter and me immensely.”

-J.K. S.

“Allisyn is our 2nd child to go through this program. Allisyn had difficulty in kindergarten doing basic classroom work. She struggled in every aspect, including socially. Allisyn hated school and every day was a struggle. After talking with her teacher, we decided to have Alli tested. Allisyn was actually worse than her sister was! Miss Sarah was wonderful adapting to Allisyn and her personal needs and goals. Allisyn quickly came to trust Sarah and started to really enjoy their sessions. Alli currently is reading at grade level, reading is more enjoyable to her, she remembers more and enjoys school now. Alli also talks with her teacher with more confidence and has more control over her lazy eye.”

-Lindsey A

“Miss Sarah was so kind and patient with me. She really wanted me to get better. I am more confident now. I can read faster and remember more. My writing is better and so are my grades. The end.”

-Allisyn A

“Landon has always been a great student who has tried very hard. Five or six years ago, we noticed that reading was becoming/remaining a struggle despite our efforts of assistance. At that time his younger brother was surpassing him in ability, despite his best effort. At that time we had him evaluated with Dr. Myers. He recommended therapy at that time but we put it off because of cost and time commitment. I truly thought with maybe more phonics development, one-on-one reading, increased reading time, etc. we would see more improvements. While he was still progressing, he was still taking a long time to read (on tests), or we were compensating by my reading aloud to him.

We returned to Dr. Myers’ office in 2018 for an eval again. Therapy was recommended again so we started right away. He has had so much growth over the past seven months in his reading. He has completely read 30-page chapters in Science, where this was overwhelming last year (with improved comprehension). I am so glad our family committed to this therapy! With him being older he was very independently disciplined knowing that he wanted to be able to read better. Our therapist was Pam, who has many years of experience. She was a perfect match for our son and very encouraging along the way.”

-Bethany Z

“In November of 2016 I was in a car accident that left me with whiplash and a prolonged concussion, etc. When Preliminary Concussion Therapy did not clear up my bad headaches and vestibular issues, the doctor recommended me to Dr. Myers at Indiana Vision Development Center. Through the year of therapy there has been much improvement with my vision.  I no longer have double vision. My right eye is tracking along with my left eye now. My reading has improved, as for much of the time after the car accident I avoided reading because of the headaches and visual disturbances. I can drive and ride in the car for longer periods than a year ago; I hope that continues to improve because I used to do the majority of driving on road trips. My concentration and cognitive abilities have improved so much in the last few months. After the accident, I felt shut off from my life because I was not able to follow conversations or be around noise or much busy activity. But now I feel more like myself than I have since that life-changing event in November of 2016.

Thank you so much to the team at Indiana Vision Development Center for helping me progress to this point! Thank you Dr. Myers for your knowledgeable understanding of what each patient needs and your kindness in executing it. Thank you Becky for challenging me each week in ways that have been so good for my brain. I am so grateful to you all!”

-Heidi F

“Going into eye therapy I didn’t think it would work. I figured I would struggle with my eyes forever, but that changed. There was a ton of hard work every week and it took a lot of commitment, but it was worth it. Reading for even five minutes would give me a bad headache, but I don’t get that anymore. Now that I know how to use my eyes, I am able to read with less pain and for longer periods of time. I have noticed certain skills with my eyes have improved over time. I understand how to use convergence and divergence, which is a cool thing to do. Sometimes when I read, some text disappears and I couldn’t do anything about it. It became extremely frustrating. Through eye therapy, I found that it is one eye suppressing so I can’t see that image. I know now that I have a way to stop that from happening. I may not be the best or fastest reader in class, but I may be the most efficient. Eye therapy has overall improved my quality of life in school and I would recommend this to everybody.”

-Sam B

“Carter is our third child who has received vision therapy with Dr. Myers and his staff. Carter had many obstacles he has overcome to become an independent reader and successful student, however, with the guidance and support of his vision therapist he was able to improve his focusing and convergence, which allowed him to see and track print much more efficiently. Carter’s reading accuracy, rate, and fluency have greatly improved and he is now reading on grade level! Carter’s understanding of direction and position has improved as well. His number of visual reversals has decreased and with attention given to his handwriting skills, his letter formation and spacing has improved significantly. While I am very happy with the improvements that relate to improved academic performance, what gives me the greatest joy and satisfaction as a mother is seeing my son happy again. Carter’s self-esteem and self-confidence have greatly improved. I believe non of this would have been possible without the benefits he received through completing vision therapy.”

-Jennifer Z

“My son suffered a serious concussion in March of 2017. This concussion led to severe vision problems, mainly double vision. With the double vision came eye strain and headaches from trying to see correctly. The effects of the double vision were felt at school, work, extracurriculars, and home. My son first received special lenses in his glasses, which helped to mitigate some of the double vision issues. After setting my son up with the lenses, Dr. Myers set my son up with a plan of vision therapy. The vision therapy worked wonders. My son was able to leave behind the specialized lenses. Almost a year later, my son is back to pre-concussion status if not better. His hand-eye coordination has even improved. We can’t thank Dr. Myers and his staff enough for all the help they gave my son.”