Abbie – Landry’s Mom

Every year of school we saw Landry struggle a little bit more with her reading, despite excelling in every other subject. We asked a lot of questions, but no one had the answers. As a highly motivated and ambitious student, it didn’t add up that she only wanted to read books far below her grade level, that she was challenged by basic words, or that she quickly gave up.
Learning about vision therapy changed more than we could have anticipated. We had no idea that her inability to mirror activities being done right in front of her, observe details around her, or even her carsickness, all related to vision.
Less than a year of therapy now has her reading at advanced grade levels, improved her athletic awareness, and reduced her experiences with carsickness to almost nothing. For Christmas she asked for chapter books. The night I caught her reading them by flashlight when she was in bed has become one of the most significant moments in the entire process. We are incredibly grateful for all that has changed in a short time.

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