When I first started Eye Therapy, I was SO excited! I thought and still think that Maggie is the best Therapist on Earth! She helped me and my eye to get better and let me think of new and different ways to do things! She made things fun to do and didn’t let me get bored of my exercises. In the beginning I couldn’t cross my eyes, read with a metronome, or stand five steps away and read a Hart Chart. I can do all those things and many, many more. School and sports have become way easier, and I read more for fun. Playing and looking at electronics are less painful. My hand-eye coordination is better and it helps a lot!
Another good thing Maggie did was listen to me. She got excited, sad, and was/is supporting of me and my stories I had. I feel that I have learned a lot, and Maggie has learned more about horses!

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