Eye therapy has improved my overall vision for school and my performance in sports. I always thought my prescription for my glasses wasn’t correct and I constantly complained. I have not had the prescription issue since eye therapy. I have improved greatly in my schoolwork and recently got my state testing results. I’m currently a 7th grader with a 10th grade level in math and 8th grade level in reading. My homeroom teacher was really impressed with my overall improvements for this school year and I’m sure it is because of my eye therapy.
My coaches have noticed improvements in my balance and speed since eye therapy. I had a hard time balancing on one leg or doing simple drills that required balance. I can now balance on one leg while on my inline skates and drills are much easier for me to do.
I can now play catch with the neighbor kids without being the “clumsy” kid. Overall eye therapy has improved my day-to-day life and I’m thankful for Becky and Dr. Myers for helping me in my journey.

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