Amber – Theda’s Mom

Theda’s journey with this program had many ups and downs. She hated the assignments in the beginning because she didn’t have the confidence to accomplish a lot of them easily. She was frustrated when something didn’t come easily to her. But she persisted and over the months she gained ability and confidence.

Her reading and coordination, as a parent watching her growth, are definitely the biggest, obvious areas of improvement. She loves reading now. She can do so without headaches also, which is wonderful. She used to cry at her homework because she felt inadequate in comparison with her classmates, and now she is on the same level as them. It has truly elevated how she feels about herself and school.

I doubt Theda will ever be an athlete, but now she can at least throw and catch a ball in playtime. Her abilities in practical application and in playtime have so drastically changed for the better.

She is so proud of herself and all her hard work. She’s ready and prepared to take on the world and we couldn’t be more thrilled or proud of her.

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