I have struggled with eye issues since I was 14 and sought help so many times from various eye professionals and no one seemed to understand my issues. I felt unheard, misunderstood, and crazy. My eye problems have been a source of anxiety and insecurity throughout high school, military, college, and adulthood. Basic daily tasks were a source of frustration and stress. Driving, computer work, and social situations were particularly anxiety inducing, but even simple tasks such as vacuuming and cooking were growing increasingly more frustrating up until about a year ago. I decided to try one more time to seek help and thankfully came across Dr. Myers at IVDC. For the first time in 18 years someone listened to me!!! He didn’t write me off as crazy!!! With the help of IVDC, I feel like I can live life more comfortably. I’m less anxious, more confident, and no longer feel as though my eyes are my enemies. My eyes may never function perfectly, but my quality of life has improved immensely thanks to IVDC. I am beyond grateful for their help and dedication over this past year. They have changed the rest of my life for the better!

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