Brandon – Maddox’s Dad

We are so excited for Maddox to be graduating from his Vision Therapy. When we first came to Indiana Vision, Maddox was struggling with several things that seemed to be attributed to his vision. Dr. Myers and his team were great to work with and had a great plan that they felt would really help Maddox be more successful in school and all his other ventures. We started seeing improvement in Maddox shortly after starting therapy. One place we noticed a major improvement for Maddox was in his schoolwork. He was enjoying reading again and was doing better with his handwriting. Over the summer Maddox enjoys playing baseball. His first year in the league he really struggled to hit the baseball and only hit the ball a few times the whole season. This summer after being in vision therapy Maddox was able to see the ball much clearer and he was hitting the ball almost every time he was up to bat. Therapy is a commitment from both the parents and the student, but we feel it was very worth all the hours Maddox put into being successful.

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