Cheryl – Lydia’s Mom

We brought Lydia to vision therapy because of her struggles with learning to read. She is the youngest of our five home-schooled children and we knew from experience that it was more difficult for her than it should be. But we did not know why. Our initial evaluation revealed that not only did Lydia need reading glasses, she could not cross her eyes and had challenges with tracking. Her eyes struggled to work together. The initial problem with b and d reversals was deeper than we realized and included not knowing her left and right. We especially appreciate how vision therapy seeks to look deeper into the challenges kids are having with things like primitive reflexes. And we love that therapy is personalized. Every patient’s program is specific to their needs. Lydia has worked very hard for the last year and though all of her struggles are not gone we have seen improvement in her tracking and her ability to read. She is retaining the words she has learned and reading is not making her tired. We are thankful for Dr. Myers and Becky!

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