Christopher – Theda’s Dad

The event that brought our family in was a deficiency in reading scores of our second grade daughter. We have not only seen a vast improvement in those reading scores, but also in hand-eye coordination, an ease in homework time, and her general outlook in life.

Homework time was full of emotions and at times tears, in both our daughter and the parent working with her. Low spelling test scores because of frequent reversals stifled her confidence. Athletics were a struggle because of poor motor development and hand-eye coordination.

With the therapy and development plan that Indiana Vision Development Center has put together our daughter has gone from 1.5 years behind in reading to 2 years ahead. She frequently requests trips to the bookstore and has found a love for reading. Homework time has not only lessened in time, but increased in quality with less parental help needed! And no more tears! We have seen an increase in participation in after school programs and in physical activities as a whole. We cannot speak highly enough about our experience with Indiana Vision Development Center. Thank you!

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