In November of 2016 I was in a car accident that left me with whiplash and a prolonged concussion, etc. When Preliminary Concussion Therapy did not clear up my bad headaches and vestibular issues, the doctor recommended me to Dr. Myers at Indiana Vision Development Center. Through the year of therapy there has been much improvement with my vision. I no longer have double vision. My right eye is tracking along with my left eye now. My reading has improved, as for much of the time after the car accident I avoided reading because of the headaches and visual disturbances. I can drive and ride in the car for longer periods than a year ago; I hope that continues to improve because I used to do the majority of driving on road trips. My concentration and cognitive abilities have improved so much in the last few months. After the accident, I felt shut off from my life because I was not able to follow conversations or be around noise or much busy activity. But now I feel more like myself than I have since that life-changing event in November of 2016.
Thank you so much to the team at Indiana Vision Development Center for helping me progress to this point! Thank you Dr. Myers for your knowledgeable understanding of what each patient needs and your kindness in executing it. Thank you Becky for challenging me each week in ways that have been so good for my brain. I am so grateful to you all!

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