Joshua – Azander’s Dad

I’m so grateful that we got the recommendation to have our son Azander checked out by Dr. Myers at IVDC. He was quickly able to determine that a lot of the issues Azander was struggling with were due to a visual processing disorder that began during his early years of life. I had never heard of this disorder before, but it was very reassuring to hear that over time his struggles with reading, writing, and even some behavioral issues can be resolved with vision therapy.
We were very fortunate to get Becky as our therapist and she was great working with Azander and the challenges that can go along with Asperger’s and keeping Azander focused during his sessions. It took a lot of hard work by Azander and his parents but the results have been more than worth it. Azander moved from 10-20th percentile in standardized tests to now at or above average scores. Even more importantly, Azander’s overall emotional well being around learning has completely changed. Reading used to take 2-3 times longer than other students, he would skip lines and have a lot of eyestrain, and he had numerous issues due to letter reversals.
If as a parent you have tried everything and still just don’t understand what to do to help your child, I highly recommend having them checked out at IVDC. There are not many facilities that have specialized training it takes to work through this disorder. I hope the awareness for visual processing disorders increases over time as I know there are many children out there struggling that have not been diagnosed.

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