Leslie – Isaac’s Mom

Over the past year we have driven one hour each way to vision therapy once a week. During each week we had Isaac complete eye/vision exercises 6 of 7 days. Isaac’s reading level at the beginning of 3rd grade was a 1.0 and at the end of the year he increased to above 3.0. Isaac has shown major changes in his ability to focus, comprehend what he reads, improved grades, improved confidence, and even made the honor roll the last three times. Isaac has also improved his hand-eye and motor coordination during baseball and basketball.
Isaac initially had blurred vision, was seeing double, words would jump around, would rub his eyes, and no longer has any trouble at all while reading. Isaac has put in the hard work, dedication, and has proven he is capable of anything. We are so proud of his accomplishments and can’t wait to see what his future holds.
Our family would like to thank the vision therapy staff for all their hard work and efforts to help Isaac on this journey. A special thanks to Becky for her skills as an amazing therapist, Dr. Myers for his expertise/care, and Bree for always being so friendly and kind.

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