My success in doing vision therapy is crazy. When I started my therapy my eyes got tired very easily doing schoolwork, reading, etc. I would get terrible headaches that would make it hard to focus in school, and my grades were slowly getting worse. After doing vision therapy for a few months my family and I started noticing how much better I was feeling and doing in school. Now a lot of times I didn’t want to go to therapy because I was not in a good mood and was not up for it. Some days I would come home from school crying because my day was so bad and some people at my school aren’t the nicest, but when I got to therapy and Pam opened the door she always had a smile on my face. My whole mood would change after only one hour. Even if I forgot my blue bag she never put me down. Pam always pushed me to do my best. I’m so glad I had Pam, my vision therapist.

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