After 20 weeks of vision therapy, I do see improvement with my vision goals. I am able to get more done with less visual effort – my eyes don’t seem to need to work as hard when doing visual work. My handwriting has also improved – I would often write with a combination of printing and cursive when needing to take notes or get information down on paper quickly – that no longer seems to be the case.
Another improvement I have noticed is my concentration. I am better able to focus and concentrate on given tasks, whereas before this was often a challenge. My speed of performance has also somewhat improved.
Finally, one of the most significant improvements I’ve noticed is with parallel processing and/or improvement with feelings of being overwhelmed when multiple tasks , responsibilities, and/or events are happening at once.
I believe vision therapy has given me the tools (with all the visual exercises) to help with my vision concerns, and will continue using them to further strengthen and improve my concentration, reading comprehension, parallel processing without being overwhelmed, and speed of performance.
“…Vision therapy works!”

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