Whoever needs to hear this: When I was young we knew my vision wasn’t 100% the best. My parents did everything they could for me. Our family had several appointments and at the age of five I got glasses. It almost seemed like no one knew what the problem was until we got told to go to Indiana Vision Development Center. Dr. Myers got us the miracle we had been praying for. Honestly, I was very confused but happy we could fix my problem. My therapist Tina always had a smile on her face and would always make me laugh. Tina helped me so much and I’ll forever be grateful for her. It’s not going to be easy, you’ll have to work hard, but it’s worth it. Currently I’m a junior at GHS. My family, friends, and the school administrator have always supported me from the very start and I’ll always appreciate them. I’m on high honor roll, NHS, and in SOS. There is a huge change in me. Everything is falling into place. My last thank you is to my grandma. I’m so grateful you got to take me and get McDonalds after and then school. God works in different ways and his plan for me was to find my way to IVDC.

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