Shari – Cody’s Mom

I really do not know what we would have done without the help of vision therapy. My child was experiencing a lot of frustration at school, at home, and in playing sports. I was also feeling frustrated because I didn’t know how to help. His yearly progress checks at school seemed like they were always below average. With all the assistance of different services at school, I couldn’t understand why things were not improving. I spoke with one of my co-workers and found that she had taken her child to a vision therapist. She spoke highly of the different ways it helped her child. Until we did the initial evaluation, I had no idea of the different areas of testing a person’s vision. I am so glad we decided to come to vision therapy. I have noticed increased confidence and less frustration in my child. I know this will be an ongoing process for a long time, but I feel more confident on how to help him, both in school and at home.

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