Steph – Brody’s Mom

Vision therapy has been a life-saver for my 9-year-old son. He struggled through kindergarten and first grade with reading, comprehension, and spelling. We had tried many different resources but didn’t have any luck. Thankfully, his summer school teacher after his first grade year suggested that he see Dr. Myers due to tracking issues.
After testing with Dr. Myers, there were a number of things diagnosed for my son and it all made sense at that point. My son has improved in many different areas. Not only has his reading, writing, and comprehension improved, he can now tie his shoes, he can catch a baseball without getting hit in the face, and he is not nearly as clumsy as he used to be. My son’s reading has improved by a lot; he no longer skips words or sentences, and he can now actually comprehend what he is reading. The only way he could comprehend before we started vision therapy was if someone was reading to him. His handwriting is 100% better. He now writes in a straight line and not all over the page. My son’s confidence level is so much better now that he conquered and persevered through this last 15 months of vision therapy. We cannot thank Dr. Myers, Becky, and the staff at IVDC enough for all they have done to help my son achieve all these wonderful accomplishments!

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