Todd and Julie – Kahra’s Parents

We started vision therapy because my daughter Kahra was continually falling behind in school. In kindergarten she was doing amazing until halfway through the school year when they had to learn how to read. All of a sudden she hated school, threw a fit when it was time to do homework, and started pretending like she was sick so she didn’t have to go. We began looking into all sorts of options to help her. We took her to a dyslexia tutor, but that didn’t seem like a good fit. We got her evaluated at school, but she was functioning just high enough that she didn’t qualify for additional assistance. Finally we took her to a neuro-psychologist who was talking so much about bipolar disorder that I knew that was not a good fit. Everyone was blaming her outbursts when it came to school and homework as a behavior problem, but my motherly instinct knew there was something else going on. Finally, 3 ½ years after we started searching for answer, we found Dr. Myers. He gave us hope that not only could our daughter overcome her learning disability, but she could actually repair her self-confidence as well.
Vision therapy has exceeded all of our expectations. When we started VT we were hoping that after our 40 sessions were over our daughter would be reading at grade level. Now, today she is at grade level for every subject! Math, English, Writing, and Reading! Not only that, but her handwriting has improved tremendously. She also is much more coordinated than she used to be. Her self-confidence has also gone through the roof. She used to have her hair in her face trying to hide all the time. We were constantly having conversations about not being shy. Now, her hair is pulled back, she walks with a pep in her step, and doesn’t know a stranger.
Although our results have been incredible, I will warn you that VT is not for the faint of heart. There were weeks we were spending up to 45 minutes per night on homework. We did therapy on vacation, while at grandparents’ houses, and even when her friends stayed the night. We decided that if we were going to do therapy, we were not going to take any short cuts, and that decision paid off in big ways.
So if you are wondering whether or not VT is for you, you really need to ask yourself if you have the self-discipline it is going to take to achieve massive results. Dr. Myers and his team will give you all the tools you need to succeed, but if you are not willing to do the work in between sessions, my guess is that your results will not be as amazing as what we have experienced.

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